Camp wayne for Girls

Camp wayne for Girls

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Established in 1921, Camp Wayne is created for girls, aged 7-15. At Camp Wayne they are serious about their staff. They want every counselor to be a role model for the girls. To achieve this goal, they visit more than 30 colleges in the United States and get to know each potential counselor in a 3-hour interview.

Despite being a short drive away from two clinics, Camp Wayne has an on-site Health center, fully renovated in 2006. Four registered nurses and a doctor live on campus and are available around the clock should someone need medical assistance.

Camp Wayne offers diverse food, and the products for most part come from local farmers. Multiple options are available for each meal to make sure each camper has enough choices to keep her healthy and energized. Camp Mom is always there to take care of children with dietary restrictions and for those who are a bit pickier about what they eat.

Camp programs & activities

Activities at Camp Wayne include the following main categories: gymnastics, team sports, waterfront, fitness, adventure, tennis and golf, dance and cheer, nature, and drama.

In the wide range of special activities, there are three major highlights. During Friday Night Creative Service, campers come together to discuss important topics like positive thinking, coping with peer pressure, the art of making choices, etc. The Big Trip marks the end of the summer, and gives campers an opportunity to explore nature. Finally, creativity and enthusiasm reign throughout four-day Color War, making girls’ experience at camp even more memorable.

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