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A full 7-week camp program for boys, Winaukee has two campuses – the Mainland Camp housing 200 participants, aged 7-12, and the Island Camp for 150 boys, aged 13-15. An introductory session lasting for 3 weeks is also offered if campers or their families are not yet ready for a full session. All of the staff members are specialists in a specific sport. Most of them are or once were NCAA athletes (the National Collegiate Athletic Association). Staff is hired not only for their professionalism, but also for their abilities to lead and mentor. Chefs offer nutritious options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and special dietary needs are taken into account, too. Twice per week everyone enjoys a barbecue picnic on the shore of the lake. First-time campers are paid a special attention before they arrive at the Camp Winaukee. Parents are encouraged to fill in a questionnaire about the kid’s interests and preferences, and one of the directors meets with the prospective camper to get to know him closer and make sure cabin placement is done effectively.

Programs & Activities

3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon – 6 periods make up each activity day at Camp Winaukee. Three of the periods include assigned activities - to experience various water and land sports. Two elective periods are suggested to help campers explore their hobbies, acquire new skills and hone the existing ones. Finally, counselors and campers, who live in the same bunk, choose an activity together and do it as a small group. Connecting with others and having fun are the main goals of the bunk period.


Start Finish Price
Jun 23, 2018 Aug 11, 2018 $12,150
Jun 23, 2018 Jul 28, 2018 $9,850
Jun 23, 2018 Jul 21, 2018 $7,950
Jul 21, 2018 Jul 27, 2018 Free


432 Winaukee Road
New Hampshire 3254
United States

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