French Woods Festival

French Woods Festival

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Coed camp

7 to 17 years of age

Overnight stay

95 activities

About our camp

Designed for 7-17-year-old boys and girls, French Woods specializes in performing arts. Here unique summer experiences are born. French Woods is an individual choice camp where youngest participants receive more guidance, while older campers are in charge for the activities they choose and take part in.

The staff is professional, talented, and comes from diverse backgrounds and different countries. 3 counselors live with 10 campers in each bunk. All of them sleep in comfortable, wooden beds. Bunks have electricity, showers and toilets. While campers are responsible for cleaning the cabins and keeping everything tidy, cleaning staff takes care of toilets and bathrooms.

At French Woods they believe in dreams, doing their best to help children fulfil their dreams in a non-competitive environment where they can build confidence and excel in teamwork.

Camp programs & activities

To create a “festival of performing arts”, French Woods offers programs in theater, music, dance, magic, circus, film and video, visual arts, as well as various sports such as tennis, fitness, skateboarding, horseback riding and more. The camp program includes six periods – three of which are majors, chosen by the campers at the beginning of the session, while the other three are minors, selected each day at breakfast.

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